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I'm whining again....

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    Praying for you Monkeygirl, Carbar, and Mrs. Rbauer.
    May God be with y'all.


      MG, I got a copy of the results from an MRI that was done last year so I could take it to my doctor. Well, guess what? I had to see what it showed before my appointment of course. I could not make much sense of what it showed in the CD so was left in the dark still. I don't know if that would be what you would get from your PetScan but think that it may be a possibility that you still might meet something similar as I.

      Also, you might not fully understand all it says on it if it is written. But then again, you know yourself better than I do and can figure if you are up to reading the results and coping with them. If you do get them, I would suggest that you could get them whenever your hubby goes with you and sees them with you also.

      Good luck and hope all this will end good for you so you can finally get some relief of all this worry.

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      but one who keeps on fighting to the end ~ Unknown ~


        I think that Raven is probably right. There's a danger that you may misinterpret the results or not really understand them and cause yourself even more worry. If you do take a peek though, I think do it with your husband - best to have moral support right there no matter what the results. If you decide to wait, then maybe distract yourself with some kind of nice treat!
        (my lump is taking me for an ultrasound next week - my doctor thinks it is more inclined to be a fibroid or polyp than anything cancerous - am hoping she's right).


          Hey guys........

          Good news, well mostly.... Firstly, I went and got it for 2 reasons, one I wanted to find out and two, my sis in-law I was talking about earlier with BCancer, well she had to go to hospital with brutal headache and dizziness. The Cancer center was connected to hospital so poof, decision made.
          The best news is that the 2 masses in my adrenals didn't light up. The one in my lung did, but not alot.

          This is the Impression from the Pet Scan:

          Low to moderate grade hypermetabolic activity present within the patients known left lower lobe mass. The appearance is not typical of a high grade malignancy. Finding favor benign or low grade malignancy. A tissue diagnosis should be considered.

          So, main thing I don't have a metastasized cancer like I worried about. Through researching it, the SUV of the mass was 2.3 which (of course) is the cut-off they use to determine the likelihood of malignancy.

          So I'm hoping I can get get away with a simple needle biopsy because (of course) the mass is at the very bottom of my lung and it's tied up into the inferior pulmonary ligament and getting enough clearance from the pulmonary vein would be very difficult given the size of the mass. In short a very difficult surgery (of course, nothing can be normal or simple can it)

          So, I now hope for, a needle biopsy that shows it benign, and hopefully I can just leave that sucker in there and just keep checking for changes. I'm good with that, I don't want to be cut if I don't really really need to. Although, something tells me he's gonna suggest it because it's pretty big even if it's benign.

          So it's more waiting I guess, but good news none the less. Thanks again guys, I appreciate it. My sis by the way is still in the hosp. we thought cancer spread to brain, but no, her brain is swollen, maybe a stroke or something... what next? I'm headin back there in a bit.....isn't life grand.


            That is very hopeful news for you

            What a relief it is not as bad as thought. Positive thoughts and prayers for good outcome of the needle biopsy remain in effect.

            I will pray that your sister-in-law fares well. It is tough to get through, but you are there for her. I know that counts for a lot from personal experience.
            Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess


              My prayers are with you & your sis.
              May God be with both of you in your time of need.


                I'm relieved that you're relieved! I was so hoping somebody had made a dumb mistake but thank God you didn't light up like Tinkerbell. V v sorry about your sil-hoping for the best there too.
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                  MG - any news? Did you go back to your doctor to discuss the results of your PetScan? Wishing you well.


                    I missed the good news, am glad and relieved to hear it!
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                      So glad that things are better than first thought. I will continue to keep you and your sil in my thoughts and prayers.


                        Not wishing to tempt fate but this is all looking very positive.

                        Best of luck with the biopsy.


                          Hey guys...Well I saw the surgeon yesterday and I'm having surgery on May 1st. Needle biopsy not really an option, kind of a waste of time, so he's going in with a couple cameras, & to get a small chunk to check it out. I (hopefully) will get away with a lil surgery & it's benign, if not depending on what he finds, he'll continue to take the lobe.

                          So, either a benign quick 2-3 day jaunt in the hospital, or a cancer & couple weeks in hospital and way more recovery time.. I asked if we could put it off till winter, Nope, No Go, he said if we wait I might not see next summer...So I guess he won that one Ba humbug, geez ya wait all winter for summer to finally get here....grrrrrrr.

                          Anywho, lets hope for the good news quickie surgery, phfttt...who am I kidding, things never go that way, it will be the big one, I know it. At least it won't be near as bad as my laminectomy for my syrinx, nothing will ever match that brutal recovery from hell.

                          Brightside, I must remember, it's only the lung and not both the adrenals like we were worried about. I must remind myself.

                          I really don't have alot of time to worry about me anywho, my sis-in-law is still in the hosp., looks like her cancer is back in her lung, neck and brain, this is so not good. It's so hard to tell what symptoms there are because she's so wasted on dialodid every three hours for headaches.

                          Can't tell if it's the dope or her brain doing weird shit. She said people look like monsters, her hands look like they're skin and meat..real freaky stuff man. She couldn't walk without a walker. It sounds like the dope to me, then yesterday she seemed better. I've been there everyday and it's killing me, they still don't know for sure if it's cancer in her brain, because of all the swelling. geez....this sucks so bad. Sorry, got rattling on about my sis now. Can't help it, I have to be so positive at the hosp, but it so doesn't look good. I think we're loosing her quicker than I thought. Anywho off to see her .....thanks again guys


                            Well I believe there's Power in Words.
                            So I'm speaking positive for you!

                            Good news quickie surgery, phfttt!

                            Prayers are going up for your sister.
                            Positive words for her too.

                            Dear Lord please release "sis" from all her pain.
                            Embrace her with your loving arms.
                            Remove all the cancer from her body.
                            Give her strength beyond measure.
                            Be with her in her time of need.
                            I ask all these things in your son Jesus Christ's name.

                            I can't even imagine how hard this is for you.
                            May God give you courage.


                              MG, wow, I just saw this thread. I certainly hope the best for you and your sis-in-law. Hang tough! Bob


                                I am not good at praying, but I sure wish both of you gals (Barbara and monkeygirl) all the best and here is to hoping that your lumps turn out to be benign. As if we wheelchair jocks didn't have enough issues already.
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