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Who here is Happy? I mean real happy.

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    Originally posted by chick
    You thought I was analysing you? Honestly, I haven't read much of what you wrote in this thread. Internalizing pieces, are we? (j/k... )

    As you might have been responding about "perspectives", as you say, due to a discussion, my post, which you quoted in reference to "analysing posters and not case discussions...", was no less a response due to a discussion (in/about thread).

    So, I posted about enjoying some of this thread posts(ers') contributions in this thread. Perhaps I should have read your posts and commented on how I enjoyed those too? Maybe that would have made you happy? I'll have to say first tho, that even though you aren't as cute as cory, I don't take offense at your post NOT analysing and judging me, and implying I'll be "uncool" if I don't explain my thoughts on "real happiness".

    pssst. you know what'll make me happy? being whisked away to the Kamchatka Peninsula, by you wearing your infamous blue dress... maybe there, after my brain defrosts, i'll explain to you the ultimate truth on 'REAL' happiness and other personal secrets. I'm cool like that
    dam i agree with you... shit can i be a cutie too lol
    life begins when you walk in spirit