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Bathroom sink renovation, what did you do?

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    I have a roll under sink set into a marble top with a half moon cut out of the center leading edge, so the bowl extends a couple inches farther toward me and there is no counter top between myself and the bowl. Makes reaching levers easier too.
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      AW: please clarify faucet in medicine cabinet??
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        Originally posted by JAYCUE View Post
        I went with something like this. I got mine off ebay for less than $300. I've had it 2 years now with no complaints.


        Our new kitchen is going in this week. My brother does that stuff for a living. He's going to have the sinkbase doors open and slide into the cabinet. I don't know if it's a kit or something he makes. I'll take pics and get all the info on how he does it.
        This being an old thread, the photos weren't retained. Do you have a photo of the cabinets where the sink base doors open and slide into the cabinet? Or a link where I can see them?
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          I don't have a picture of that kitchen but we used hardware similar to this.

          We didn't order a regular sink base. We used 2 dishwasher end panels as the sides and joined them together using a sink front, which looks like the top part of the cabinet with the drawer fronts. Then he ordered doors to fit and attached dummy toe kicks to the back of the doors so it looked like a sink base but didn't have the floor of the regular cabinet so you could roll in a little bit. Eventually, we took the doors off and put a finished panel towards the back to hide the plumbing.


            Depending on the counter layout here is an example of sliding barn doors for cabinets.

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              Originally posted by oncetherwasagirl View Post
              I totally agree about having a sink within reach. I have sink and tub situated on each side of my toilet. The shower sprayer reaches the toilet so I use it like a bidet.
              Yes, sink within reach would be great! An alternative now is a hand sprayer which runs off the supply line of the toilet. Search for "toilet hand sprayer" on Amazon, for example. Inexpensive, and can be added almost anywhere.


                We pulled out everything sinks and cabinets...the ran 2x4s in a L shape and hung granite counter tops and rolled the edges rounded so I dont scrape my arms.

                add matching bowls, add paddle hardware more easy to push and pull

                We added a heat lamp above for warmth on cold days and a heater connected to smart plug so it can be turned on and off with voice control and same for the TV

                I have 3 different power chairs so we set it up so each chair fits know problem

                We had them run the plumbing higher on my side so I dont burn my leg with hot water temps.

                Added cabinets self standing from IKEA



                  If designing new just leave open under sink and drawer set on either side. If adapting existing take off doors and any toe kick or bottom of cabinet under sink. (Save Doors). One nice trick is install a pull out faucet for days you don’t shower but want to take mini shower in the sink.