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How to manage or design kitchen??

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    How to manage or design kitchen??

    Hi all of you.

    May be we will be buying other house. and i really want my kitchen fully accessiable for me ...let it be fridge or sink or cabinets..

    I searched on net useful information but would be great if someone could really give me with tips or photos of their kitchen...Help me out with design and most imp photographs.

    I dont know whether food section will give me replies much or not..Moderator please kindly shift to life forum if needed

    When designing my kitchen, I considered what all I wanted to do in there and what shortcomings my apartment kitchen had. A few a the things that were important to me were:

    Having a work space between the stove and sink so I can roll under it and work on stuff and also so I can take heavy pots off the stove, place them on a hot mat, and then slide them across the counter to the sink (big help) or serve out of them

    Also, I had the electrician modify the wiring on the vent hood so that I can just flip a switch to turn the light or fan on or off (this isn't in the second picture since it was added after I moved in)

    Make sure the knobs on the stove are on the front so you don't burn yourself trying to turn the burners on/off

    Here's some pictures of my kitchen while we were moving in:


      Hi Shweta,

      The must haves for me were a roll under cooktop, wall oven, side by side refrigerator, roll under sink and lowered countertops.

      Here are some more suggestions:



        I took some pics of my kitchen. Had to use my mobile to take the pics 'cause my camera didn't work so the quality is not that good.
        - I have 'roll-out counter' under the oven and under the microwave
        - Dish-washer is up so I can go just under
        - 'knobs' can be used with my closed 'quad-hand'
        - Roll under sink and stove
        - Sink next to stove so I can directly fill pots with water
        - At the other side of the stove I can put hot pots and serve immediately
        - Blender and coffee'machine' behind sliding walls
        - Refrigerator and dish washer are behind me when I eat so very practical to put food on table and clean table
        - No cabinets but drawers so you can reach everything easily
        - The cabinets up high aren't used that much


          Some more pics


            wow thanks a ton ! ur pic are dream home to me..really good points and design to focus..i will take printout of the snaps so i can hand it to my interior designer..u got good space..thanks again..everywhere u have hollow space to fit our legs..i apppreciate it..


              There are a lot more kitchen pictures/ideas in other threads, if you search for them. We are just renovating out kitchen, and I got a lot of ideas here. We lowered about 1/2 the counters. The stove is lower, and has knobs on the front. I can roll unser the sink, and the bowl is shallow. One lower cabinet has been replaced with pull out shelves. And my favorite part is a turntable in the corner, allowing me to access the entire area. There are no cabinet doors on yet, but it is functional.

              This picture gives you an idea as to the stove/turntable cabinet/sink area. Taken mid construction.
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                I was poking around again. Look at these threads for more kitchen ideas and pictures!


                /forum/showthread.php?t=80260&page=4&highlight=kitchen+pi ctures



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