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    In the kitchen, get a stove that opens to the side, rather than one that pulls down. Easier for someone in a wheelchair.

    I've also seen refrigerators & freezers that pull out like a drawer.
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.


      Good job by wife there Zero. I have just a few comments from the top of my head here if I might.

      As for the kitchen location/layout. -I personally would have left it just where it is. I don’t know who of you that makes most of the dinners etc. but I can see you are a para like me, and I actually has a u-shaped kitchen with a similar layout in the corner as shown on your drawing here (I can post a photo if you like). The u-shaped kitchen for me was a very good idea I have found, you see, when I make food by having such a kitchen layout I basically sits in the centre of it, with easy access to the stove, the kitchen sink and so on (compared to having to roll up and down beside a long counter). To move around when cooking I basically do not need to use the push rims on my wheelchair (also a good thing when dealing with food, both for the push rims on the chair and the food, no greasy hands on the push rims and no dirt from the wheels back onto the food). I just use my hands to pull or push around by grabbing to the kitchen itself. This is very handy if I’m say moving the frying pan or other cooking pots to or from the stove and so on. Then it is basically to give a push by one hand at the counter top to turn around say to put the cooking gear into the sink from the stove with the other hand. It’s a very handy set-up layout wise to work efficient from a wheelchair compared to a kitchen layout say with just a long counter I believe… And who wants to make food with the entire frying odour involved in the living room anyway, say if you pulled your kitchen down south on the drawing? Well, I wouldn’t, in this area (south on your drawing) below your kitchen I instead would have placed a huge long dinner table with a lot of chairs around. This place could then be used both for dining and used for other activities beside that. But, a few comments I have for the exiting arrangement in the kitchen; is it the stove placed there (north on the drawing) under the window? Would that location be a problem for the stove ventilator? I think I instead would have moved the stove opposite of the kitchen sink. Even more handy too when preparing food from a wheelchair (I have it like that and it works fine). Then the big box at the right side, which I assume is the fridge, I would have moved down at the end on the left counter. Think I also would have added more windows on that left wall.

      As for the “captains cabin ” door into the kitchen/dining room area I think I also like others here would have rearranged that a bit. That requires some other layout rearrangements though. Maybe if you remove that master bed room door from where it is, move the closet all the way to the left, then also move the wall between the closet and family room as well more to the left (which as such will give more area to the family room). Then if you make a corridor between the master bathroom and the family room (going east-west on your drawing) with a door leading out to the corridor where the rest of the bedrooms are, that might work. But this entire rearranging then might want to be studied a bit more in detail maybe then, if going for that solution.

      For doors other than the widths of them and what others have commented. The doors situated on the outer walls, you don’t have a fire emergency code saying they shall open outwards? Or maybe you have a compromise for the codes where you live due to heavy snowfall wintertime requiring the doors to be opened inwards. The door at the bathroom in the down right corner open outwards I also think I would have rearranged so it opens into the bathroom itself. Because like it is now it can be a good source for black eyes if kids are running down that corridor from the other bedrooms. If you want to change this door, you then have to move the door a bith south (drawing wise).

      I’m not totally sure I would have had the fireplace located where it is, by being a wheeler myself I don’t like to ruin open spaces, so then maybe I would have located the fireplace either to the north or south (drawing wise) wall in the living room. Such a location will remove the possibilities for a bookshelf etc. then on the other hand if going by that, but it often is compromises and compromises when planning a house layout and the goal is to have it right the first time.

      For double garage doors. Why not? If bad weather, why open up the whole garage front by having one single door compared to two smaller doors?

      Good luck on further planning for a new home


        I was curious the purpose of the Family room and the Living room. In thinking about the layout, it helps to have an idea of the function of the rooms. The Living room looks like the area with the most traffic, so will this also serve as the main "living" area, or will the Family room serve as the place where the kids will play, watch tv. etc.

        Like others have said, I think the Kitchen looks cramped and too far tucked away in the SW corner. Having it in the opposite corner against the Laundry room, with counters in "L" shape against the wall, will open it up to the Living room. You can add an Island, with stools, to add more workspace, as well as for eating and entertaining. The island can work like Lief mentioned, to be used to help you navigate and manipulate yourself around without having to push wheels. I do that a lot, when in manual chair - pushing against countertop and cabinets on opposite side (use walls alot after just washing hands, to go from room to room). I think having the Kitchen near the Laundry/mudd room can be useful, and seems more functional. A small window in wall between laundry room and kitchen could open kitchen up a bit more, as well as connecting the two spaces more, esp. if to look thru to check on kids, dogs, etc.

        The Master Bedroom can go in the SW corner, with the Family room against the West wall (where bathroom is). The wall facing Living room can be replaced with french doors, to open it up to LR, and maybe even angled, to make space appear less compartmentalized and the LR more open. The Family room can have rear door on west side leading out to the back, and where a back deck can later be added. I don't know what the outside on west side looks like, but if it is a yard, I imagine wide doors leading out to deck, would bring in a lot of light and make it a much more open and airy space.


        Since the Living room will have the most traffic, and with kids going thru from mudd room and kitchen to their bedrooms all the time, you may be interested in using the Family room as a more private, intimate space (sitting room, entertaining, etc). I think another option can be to have the Family room in the NE corner (where bedroom is). A corner space seems more intimate, while still open, with more windows and looking out toward front porch. The side facing the LR can still have french doors, so it opens up toward LR and the rest of the house.

        The bedroom currently in NE corner can be moved to the west side where the master bathroom is currently located, thus being situated between the master bedroom on the S and the bathroom on the N. The back door might be better left in open space, leading from Living room, so everyone has access to it (not just from master bedroom). This may be especially useful if/when you add a rear deck thru that door.

        Look forward to seeing what you guys finally decide. Lots of good ideas from everyone. Good luck!
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