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    I have wood and would not go back to carpet. As has been said already, wood is easier to clean, it looks good and I have never had a problem with scratching it.
    It rains quite alot where I live and with wood if I come in with wet wheels the cleaning is simple and quick. In my previous house, which had carpet, the floor by the door quickly became dirty and difficult to clean even for an able bodied cleaner.


      I have bamboo floors,like wood. No scratches from my chair yet and SOOO much easier to push on than the carpet I had before. Just be careful if you tend to move things around the house 'bobcat' style by shoving them along the floor with your chair .They might scratch. Oh, and put felt or carpet under the legs of ALL your furniture straight away!
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        Originally posted by Mombo View Post
        I know this thread is a few months old. We just re-did a house for our son. Built in 1966, we ripped out all the carpet, vinyl, etc. Went down to the concrete slab and acid washed it, stained it dark charcoal gray, sealed it with epoxy. NO UPKEEP. He rolls around very nicely. The stain enhanced the cracks, dings, etc. and gave the floors a real "edgy" look. If we had the money, we would have done what they call "Liquid Dazzle" sooooo beautiful. Check out their web site, click on "epoxy coat" and then "Liquid Dazzle". When it's time to re-do our home, that's what I would like to do. Had the hard wood, loved it, but hated the upkeep. We now have tile, like it, hate the grout!

        This is a really smart idea for accessible flooring. It's more beautiful than a person can describe. There is a housing cooperative here in Vancouver that has used it in their accessible units. Making use of existing materials, a sustainable solution.


          Wood floors are too cold and noisy for me. And go over backwards or do a face plant on hardwood (I've done both) and you'll be wishing for carpet.


            my pergo is still holding up after almost 13 yrs of wheelchairs, dogs, teenagers, etc. including furniture being dragged across it. granted, it is noisier than carpet, but i have replaced carpet 2 times and need to again in same amount of time. am now seriously considering no carpet. too much trouble and expense.



              thanks for the tip.

              we just bought a house in colorado with hardwood floors. great for cold winters......tile would be too cold on the feet. and it has held up real well with rentals.

              see pictures;


              it works!!


                We are just putting down some real ash hardwood in my house this weekend. It's bellawood with a 50 year warrenty. I hope it holds up. And put down ceramic tile on the bathroom floors and halfway up the walls with some decrotive pieces and a chair rail top boarder. In the kitchen we used 12x12 porcelin tile. They said porcelin would hold up better than ceramic. So well see how well it works
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