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I'll show you my shower!

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  • I'll show you my shower!

    I posted a while back a thread entitled "show me your bathroom" ... again thanks to all that posted. now here is finally a picture of my roll in shower - the bathroom is tiled but we still need to have electrical work done and then finish the walls. our shower is a 5'x5'

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    I know this is supposed to be about useability and not as much about looks but I LOVE the tile and designs. Great job.
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      whoever done your tile work did an expert job. i've built 7 or 8 roll in showers myself back in the per-sci days an that work is awesome. that floor work is something ya don't see everyday.

      this coming from a tile setter of 15 yrs.
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        Very nice! No grab bars?


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          Katja - no grab bars - my hubby is a para and he always said the bars were useless to him, we had them where we lived previously and he wanted to remove them due to their placement he would bang up his elbow frequently on them

          thanks for the compliments, I am proud that we are finally showering in there. I selected all my tile at different tile stores - I shopped high quality at bargain prices in a few cases buying reminents, I had a vision in my head that my husband just could not picture his idea of redoing our bathroom accessible was very simple and "institutional" looking - my tile guy was really awesome we have since had him tile the rest of our home. we were very unlucky with our plumbing people ... we had problems to say the least.

          before picture ... the door to the right lead to the toilet and bathtub left door is her walk in closet . ... toilet was moved where 2nd sink was


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            Looks good, I did a conversion job a few years back, its a lot of work and expensive thats for sure. might want to think about a padded shower bench though, less like to get pressure sores.
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              Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

              I hope you don't mind me asking this. If it's too personal, I apologize and please ignore. I'm wondering about how much a bathroom conversion like yours cost to do?

              Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
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                Kendell ... All together about 8000 and I consider that cheap since we got good bargains on tile, if any of you remodel keep in mind the net offers really good deals, I went to several showrooms and after picking what I liked looked it up on the net and compared prices ... some of my valves that were needed for my vertical spa had a 300%+++ markup! same with my sink, all my trim faucets etc. I also bought my toilet on clearance it had been a special order floor display which I paid 100$ for and is worth 10x that price ... We did reconfigure our restroom which was no small task our slab was cut into and jackhammered .. boy was I worried to see 3 big holes several feet deep in my bathroom a grown man stood in the hole and fitted pipes his waist was at floor level the toilet was moved several feet all the plumbing was brought to anothr wall sounds simple .. at one time I remember thinking maybe we could do it ourself!! lol glad I didn't try. we started buying little by little - I had a vision of what it would look like finished so for about 1 year I have had the window treatments for the bathroom, we had a toilet in the garage for about 6 months, some tile in my closet for 4 months, my light fixture, sink, faucet, vanity have been in the bathroom corner not yet installed! one day it will be done .. for now I am just happy we can shower in that bathroom!
                Curt - my husband has gone through several shower chairs in 11 years but this is the one he prefers, he has used this particular model for the last 5-6 years


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                  Wow! Not only am I impressed with your vision and your shopping skills, I'm thinking if we can ever afford to do a bathroom remodel, I'd want to hire you!

                  Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
                  - Albert Einstein


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                    Here is the bathroom vanity area from the Extreme Makeover Home Edition (Hawkins family, 10/8/06). I could not find a good picture of the roll-in shower. This bathroom is bigger than most people's master bedroom!

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             you my shower And I'll show you my rubber ducky.. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

                      But seriously. Beautiful job on the bathroom remodel. Congratulations Olossogirl


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                        Originally posted by Aly
                        I know this is supposed to be about useability and not as much about looks but I LOVE the tile and designs.
                        But of course it's about how things look, too. I don't know about you, but I spend a fair amount of time in my bathroom and it's also one of the rooms in your home that visitors are likely to see. If you're going to go to the trouble of totally redoing a bathroom, then how it looks is likely to be as big a concern as how it works.

                        Which leads me to my question. Has anyone seen a bath or shower bench or chair that doesn't look like it would fit in at a veterans' hospital? For instance, the one pictured in that beautifully tiled bathroom. It's less hideous than most, but it hardly blends in with that room. I haven't found anything for sale that looks any better than that, but I was wondering if anyone had seen something nicer on a design show or something.



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                          those sinks in the picture are really awesome .. it's funny because I purchased the same exact sink ! it's a Kohler DemiLav Wading Pool lavatory model K-2833 - I chose a different faucet however.

                          Tiger - I know what you mean about the showerchair, originally we wanted to incorporate some sort of tiled bench just for the look but it would not have been functional/comfortable for my husband so we kept the bench I was hoping to find something not as much of an eyesore for his next showerchair but it does not seem like there is much choice! please let me know if you find a "fashionable" chair! lol


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                            Originally posted by Tiger Racing
                            Which leads me to my question. Has anyone seen a bath or shower bench or chair that doesn't look like it would fit in at a veterans' hospital?
                            it would even help if they'd make em in a different color than white or bone.


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                              Great job!! I'm also in the process of constructing my bathroom as an "add-on" room to my home. Right now it's about 90% complete. Coincidently, we installed the exact same floor tile as you!!

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