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Does anyone have info. on stair lifts

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    Does anyone have info. on stair lifts

    We are considering installing a stair lift in our home to avoid having to move to a ranch house. Does anyone have any info. on these, good or bad? Any advice would be much appreciated!

    i had a hell of a time getting mine. it took so long and was a pain in the ass because i didn't have the money to install it or even contribute so i had to keep getting estimates and send them in to organizations for possible installment. now i'm sure each state is different. i was able to get a $10,000 limit and this was to be my limit for life. i didn't need anything in my house so naturally i agreed. i know you can get loans at low interest rates. i'll see if i can find paperwork around for you. it may help. what state do you reside?


      They are certainly not cheap. A couple of things to consider:

      How easily can you transfer? The easist type to install require you to transfer from you wheelchair to the stair lift chair, then transfer again to your wheelchair at the other end. This means you either need to find a way to move your chair (someone carries it up/down the stairs for you, or you tow it up with a rope) or you have to have an upstairs and downstairs wheelchair.

      You can get stair lifts that are platform lifts which carry your entire chair up/down stairs, but they take much more space, are more difficult to install (esp. if you have a curved or switchback staircase), and are more expensive.

      Do the stairs have a straight run, or do they curve or switchback? The latter adds considerably to the cost.

      You need to have a system with a power/battery back-up in case of power outage and needing to get out in an emergency. This is then your only escape route from your upstairs.

      You may want to do a cost comparison between this and an elevator. There are many ways to install an elevator in an existing home.

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        Thanks for your responses. Wow, I had no idea it wouldn't be a simple matter. During my brief research on the internet, it looked like I could get one for about $2,000-$4,000, and they could be easily installed.

        My stairs have a straight back, so I thought it would be simple. I would use two chairs, one at the top and one at the bottom.
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          We got one for $4000. It was easily installed by the dealer in a couple of hours on our straight staircase. We use two wheelchairs also. Works great.


            Same here. $3000 installed, straight stairs, a wheelchair on each level.

            It does flake out a couple of times a year, either due to battery or contact/wiring issues. Each flake out seems to cost somewhere in the $100-200 range, unfortunately.

            My emergency plan is bumping down the stairs on my butt. I don't have an emergency plan for going upstairs (but I don't think I need one).