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    Originally posted by stephen212 View Post
    Does anyone have experience with cork flooring?
    I only have experience shopping for it, and demoing it. Decided against it for a few reasons:

    - It stains. We have many pets and I’m messy in the kitchen (that’s what we were redoing at the time.)
    - Doesn’t tolerate moisture well, and I need easy clean up. Again, kitchen.
    - Regular re-sealing required to help with above
    - The sealer coats scratch easily, and we have big dogs with scratchy nails and dirty wheelchair wheels rolling over it all day.

    But, we were interested in it as a natural flooring alternative to hardwood, more “sustainable”, etc. The Forbo product we went with is a C02 neutral, with a gypsum based backing, no VOC off gassing, etc, which satisfied us on that count.

    I liked cork, anywhere but in the kitchen, but mostly worried about scratches/wear and re-sealing maintenance. It rolled fine. What we looked at was backed with a firm enough material that it didn’t feel bad to push on.
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      I've had cement, carpet, rubber, linoleum, hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, travertine, and marble tile floors. My favorite is porcelain tile. It needs no maintenance and will always look new (you may want to clean the grout once in a while). It even comes in textured wood finishes so your tires won't slip. It has a higher up front cost. But you're pretty much set for life.Click image for larger version

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        Thanks for your help, everybody. I ended up getting 7mm vinyl. The first area is done and it seems to work really well so far