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    Originally posted by stephen212 View Post
    Does anyone have experience with cork flooring?
    I only have experience shopping for it, and demoing it. Decided against it for a few reasons:

    - It stains. We have many pets and I’m messy in the kitchen (that’s what we were redoing at the time.)
    - Doesn’t tolerate moisture well, and I need easy clean up. Again, kitchen.
    - Regular re-sealing required to help with above
    - The sealer coats scratch easily, and we have big dogs with scratchy nails and dirty wheelchair wheels rolling over it all day.

    But, we were interested in it as a natural flooring alternative to hardwood, more “sustainable”, etc. The Forbo product we went with is a C02 neutral, with a gypsum based backing, no VOC off gassing, etc, which satisfied us on that count.

    I liked cork, anywhere but in the kitchen, but mostly worried about scratches/wear and re-sealing maintenance. It rolled fine. What we looked at was backed with a firm enough material that it didn’t feel bad to push on.
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