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Modify Existing Bathroom Vanity / Kitchen Sink and Cooktop

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    Modify Existing Bathroom Vanity / Kitchen Sink and Cooktop

    Has anyone modified an existing bathroom vanity or kitchen sink and cooktop area in a kitchen to be wheelchair accessible? I'd like to modify each of these so I can roll under them.

    Otherwise, I'll have to look into doing a total replacement.
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    YES BUT IT DEPENDS ON how picky you are kitchen sink took door off so i could roll underneath same as bathroom vanity. we took out tub installed a rollin shower its tight but doable and in the space of old tub . cooktop i do not use stove much i do not feel comfortable with top and ovem i lost my balance and kinda fell on oven door taking cookies out very lucky. i have a table i set up that i have mircowave coffee pot and toaster oven and crockpots i get out when slow cooking it works or me c6c7 quad i live alone