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Any Recent Elevator Installs?

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  • Any Recent Elevator Installs?

    Has anyone gotten an estimate or elevator installed lately? The rule of thumb I was told a long time ago is ~$10k per stop for the elevator and another $5-10k per stop for the shaft. Can anyone confirm if this is true from their experience? I just got an estimate last week and it came in at $31k for the three stops in my house for the elevator and the construction people are coming out this upcoming week to give a quote on the shaft.

    ​​​I'm interested in experiences from anyone who has had an elevator installed lately. If anyone has done so in the MD-DC-VA area, it may be more representative or at least give me something to negotiate with.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Don't know anything about the elevator but saw this video last year, thought it was interesting...


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      Is that the same couple as the not a wheelchair post?


      • Brad09
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        Yea it is. The guy in the video had a huge youtube channel (+5 million subscribers) before he met his wife. Now he does a lot of videos related to SCI in addition to his usual content.
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