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    I'm making addition to my current block on slab home from sometime in the 60s. I love this house: is like a fortress, and I get no rodents or bugs.I want to ask them to use the same.

    = Does anyone suggest a different material? I feel like the last time I was here I learned a new promising idea, another material maybe.
    = Do you think I will encounter resistance, greater cost, too much unfamiliarity?
    = Other thoughts?

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    Sounds like the houses that were built in Roosevelt. No problem using masonry units, it's done mostly in commercial construction. Insulation will be the big question. Insulated concrete forms (ICF) is another option.


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      Depends on region you live in. If you're central nj, you have access to a variety of materials to build.
      If cost is a consideration you should go wood frame.
      If got more to invest and want another bombproof bunker use poured concrete and rebar. Coat with stucco or drivit.
      If you care about asthetics and strength then brick it up, thousand colors , styles, or brick face , faux stone, ledger stone highlights, ......error, data overload. Question way too broad, reload.