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Carpet and manual chairs

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  • Carpet and manual chairs

    I am a renter and I don't have the option of choosing flooring so I am living with carpeting in my living and bedrooms. The hallways are all tile. Because my place is small, the main areas of entry to my living room and bedroom take the brunt of my tires. I shampoo my carpet often but I can't seem to keep those 'ruts' clean. I hate the way they look and as well, I don't care for the way they make me feel when visitors come over.... as if I'm a bad housekeeper. Which I'm not. I keep a very clean home. Any tricks for combating these areas?

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    I have 2 wheelchairs. An indoor chair and an outdoor chair.


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      Are you referring to compressed nap on carpet from continually rolling over it with clean tires, and/or dirty ones?

      Can you talk to the management about other surfaces (negotiate cost for it)? A flat nap, like commercial carpet, Berber, etc. may work.
      I would discuss the issue of using wheelchair on carpet, and need for barrier-free apartment.

      Sorry I'm not offering any solution to maintain the carpet. We replaced ours three times before going to tile. One small ramp still has carpet and definite ruts - we hope to replace with tile too.


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        I have two chairs also, but my carpet still looks like the Oregon Trail. I had it commercially cleaned for awhile but gave up eventually as the ruts came back in a very short time. Have fake wood in some areas and that works well. Will be installing more as time allows......


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          Area rugs or vinyl runners may help.


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            Sometimes it is the rubber padding beneath carpet which could be the problem. In the one room where we have carpet we have thin, flat berber carpeting with no pad beneath. Much easier to push across, leaves less tracks.