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  • Smart blinds

    Hi, curious if anyone has smart blinds that can be controlled by Siri or Alexa. I see the two highest rated brands are Somfy and Lutron. They seem pricey (~$350/shade, I would need 3 for my main window) but living on the first floor of an apartment complex, it would be nice to close the blinds independently when it gets dark early in the winter months. At least if I move they can be transferred, but I?m wondering if anyone has experience with them?

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    I saw an adapter that hooks up to your current blinds that made them work with Alexa... they were like $100 per module. Too pricey for me.


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      I just have one set of remote controlled blinds. It's a button to control it rather than an app. I actually don't use it that much, less than I thought I would. But it's nice to have, I wish I had it for the other blinds. I find usually that when I'm alone in the house I want the blinds closed for privacy, and when others are in the house, I can have them open and close the blinds. Still, it would be nice to have at times.


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        why not extend the rods.... mine are down to my knee height, i push it against 1 leg and roll them open/closed


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          I was looking for this same thing a couple years ago and the cheapest I could find then was around $1000. And could only find the one company selling them. Looks like the price has dropped now that more brands are selling them.