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home air purifier systems and forest fires smoke

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  • home air purifier systems and forest fires smoke

    I am located in the Pacific Northwest and must find a way of living in a smoky polluted forest fire environment. It is so bad that it permeates the buildings. I am looking for the best home air purifier system for my house. Unfortunately, I do not have central air so I will either have to retrofit something or go with portable units. I am currently using 2 Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover (465 square feet each (HPA300)) air purifiers. They help, and I can notice the improvement, but I can still smell the smoke.

    Anyone have any experience with the home air purifiers that they can share?

    Thank you
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    Take a look at the Rabbit Air Products. There are 4 models at:

    You can get remote controls, they are pretty quite (as air cleaners go) and do a nice job of cleaning up indoor air.


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      Thank you gjnl, I finished my research on portable air purifiers and ended up purchasing another Honeywell HPA300. It is still rated in the top three by Consumer Reports. The price has also come down, it can be found for under $200. No remote, but I leave these things running 24 hours a day anyway. Estimated cost of running is $201 a year. My house is approximately 1900 square feet, with the air quality outside at category Orange, three of these units appears to be keeping the air in my house healthy. I no longer notice the smell of smoke indoors.