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  • Ummm

    Been doing some looking at various new houses again, and thought I'd check out some of Del Webb style of subdivisions (although the price for what you get and association fee concept is quite detracting). Anyway, it was good for a laugh...what is wrong with this picture? (many more in the link)
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    You're so stuck in the 21st century, Andy. That garage is clearly for flying cars. They can clear the bushes no problem.

    Unless you're talking about the fake barn door hinges and handles on the garage, in which case I agree... not a great look.


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      Lol. Yeah, there's that, but I was primarily wondering about the Emerald Green Arborvitae in front of the street address sign...that'll be a ton of constant trimming needed!


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        I didn’t look at the link Andy but what floors me every time we tour these type homes is how ununiversal design they are. Narrow door ways, no raised toe kick option for cabinets, 5000.00 up charge for a curb less shower, it goes on and on. We were at a Toll Brothers development for 55+ and asked about some accessibility items and the sales person said we would have to talk to the “Custom Dept”.


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          Got upcharged for my condo too. $4000 which isn't much but still ... couldn't do the wheel in shower at the time because the concrete had already been poured (or so I was told)
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            yes it has a ramp to the front door but that looks like a standard width door the unusable garage