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Gaining access to a contemporary style home, HOW?

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    Sorry for the delay in replying - for some reason, even though I've set the reply options to tell me, I don't get a message when there are new posts in the thread...

    I'd love to move, but there are many reasons that isn't possible...

    I've been looking at inclined platform lifts, and they are actually MORE expensive than elevators according to the initial quotes we have gotten... I've gotten prices in the $25-35K range, EACH (we need two, one to reach the basement and one to reach the second floor...)

    There is a spot that might work for an outside elevator, but that would require major work to dig down for the basement access, redoing the foundation and so on, PLUS needing to do major modifications on the roof....

    In essence the GF bought the house before I met her, so I had no say in it.... It is a lovely place to look at, but during all the work that either I have done on it (and I did almost everything before I got hurt) or had done, the place has been the house from hell to work on... As just one example, depending on how you count, it has 5 or 6 DIFFERENT attic spaces, I did a complete low voltage wiring job, installing CATV, Ethernet and Phone wiring, and had to run cable through all but one...

    So I'm somewhat back at square zero on access... However thanks for the links to elevator info, perhaps one of those might be useful...

    T-5 ASIA-B para, currently working on building own power chair, as being in a manual is an EXTRA handicap.


      I have enjoyed reading this thread. Links and videos very helpful. I am considering building a "walkout style" house with the need for a vertical lift. Anything called an elevator is outrageous in price as noted in the thread. I am considering Ameriglide 8' vertical lift. for approx 7k to 8 k depending on options. Obviously it is easier to design a lift into a floor plan than retro-fit and I realize ex-G needs 3 stops so that complicates things.. Wondering a couple things does anyone know where to look for a used or reconditioned lift or elevator? Also Good luck Goose sounds like a tough project but if there's a will...


        Just be aware that those vertical lifts are painfully slow, and noisy. They can be found on eBay and craigslist, and dealers often sell used ones.