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How much of a cut-out do you need to get under Bathroom Sink?

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  • How much of a cut-out do you need to get under Bathroom Sink?

    I just purchased a vacation home in Florida. I will also be using it as a short term rental so i am making it as wheelchair accessible as practical/ possible. I plan to cut out part of the vanity cabinet to make it a roll under sink.

    I personally need about 26" to roll under with my manual chair. I know ADA calls for more than that but anything over 28"H X 28" W. opening will be very difficult with this cabinet. Is that enough? what about power chair users what height can you roll under? Any input is welcome.

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    ADAAG Manual lavatory clearances

    From the ADAAG manual.
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      While that is the ADA standard, a lot of power chairs will not fit under the counter if it is only 29". Note that this is a MINIMUM.

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        My bath sink under counter height is 29. Knees fit under with almost 2in of clearance. The armrest and joystick would need 32 inches cutout.
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