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Quads living alone. What is your living arrangement?

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    I'm not SCI but paralyzed - can't help with that part of your question about personal care needs. The issue that I'm looking at is the view of your father and your view. It seems more discussion may be needed to come to some plan that would suit you both.
    If you moved into a condo in Metro Atlanta, how long would it take for someone to visit? My view of Atlanta from driving through it a few times, is lots of transportation options - I'm not familiar with whether they have accessible rapid transit - that would allow you to get out and about. How do you get out now?
    You may be aware of the Independent Living movement - there should be a Center or Network in Atlanta that is for disabled persons. One of their missions is assisting with a persons' transition INTO independent living. (They are not a residence) You might want to consider a meeting with them, maybe with your father, to discuss options. Focus on what you want.


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      I would really love a situation where I was living with another person Able-bodied or disabled… Either way. It sure would be nice to live in my own home with someone else who could share with the expenses. I imagine making it complicated though. Anybody have any experience with that kind of living arrangement? As I said before, a condo would be the best, but A house would be okay as well (provided there's not a lot of grass to mow).

      Are there any other people out there that are living in an independent living facility? Is it your ideal? What would you change if you could?

      Thanks again-Craig


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        Will just add that my husband and I are both in wheelchairs - he's SCI para and me Polio. We have owned our own home for about 40 years and have a cleaning service every other week and a lawn/snow plow service. That fellow also will do odd jobs for us. Our budget allows for these services - which we searched out and hired. Years ago we had to let go one house cleaner and one lawn fellow, but otherwise have had good luck with workers. A home does involve a certain level of upkeep and the unexpected. I have relatives who live in condos and they are happy with the services that come with condo ownership.
        Prior to buying our home we lived for a year in a 1 bedroom very accessible, but small apartment. Constant trouble with people parking in our assigned parking spot - get home from work and our spot taken! Not good situation for us. Would recommend 2 bedroom if you go with a condo.


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          I have a contractor who I trust implicitly for all work I get my yard done 4a for 120.00 my caretake does light housework

          I am moving to fl middle march myhouse is 3br 2 bath rollin shower lamar county if not to far pm there are college kids always looking and I have a great care taker 11.00 hr


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            Think I'm going to ask another question has its own topic… Something like "what functions do you have left and how has that impacted how you live (with family, along with caregivers, a roommate). I'll find it a little bit today and post it this evening I guess.