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Need a new home. Build or modify one already built?

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  • Need a new home. Build or modify one already built?

    C5-6 quad here, use a power wheelchair.
    I'm looking to move into a new home but am new to this whole thing. I still live in the house I've lived in my whole life, with some modifications done to it after the SCI. So some tips would be helpful. Would it be better to build or buy an already built home and make modifications? I live in Minnesota, anyone from Minnesota that has built a home? If so, Who built it? Are there any programs to help with the cost? Got any tips for home design? The house I live in now is a walk out rambler. I kind of like that design. My bedroom right now is in the basement, which is kind of nice during severe weather.


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    I have built many homes before my injury. If you can, build new. Don't waste your time and money trying to remodel for your needs. Build a big ranch. Slab and place all your mechanicals in the floor. You will love radiant heat. I live in N.E. Pa. Its not as cold as Minnesota but I have friends in St. Cloud and Zimmerman. I know your weather a little. Radiant or Geo thermal is a great option. Let me know if you need anything. My email is


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      I agree with Joe.

      Got any tips for home design?


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        Do a search on here. I also needed to build a new house after my injury. We ended up with a ranch with zero entry garage and front door. I think any good home builder can help you design a house to your needs. My only regret on our house is I wish my bathroom was a foot wider to make it easier to turn around.


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          I would suggest build, unless you find a home that had been built for handicap access, which is highly unlikely, but they are out there. If needed, I may be able to get one or more names of disabled guys local to the Twincities who have built. Probably para, not sure about finding a quad though.
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            I got lucky I had built my dream 3 years pryor all door and hallway 36 inches bathroom was totalremodeled rollin shower by friends ram put in by concrete co donated

            sold it as farm to much upkeep found a foreclourse that had roling show ranch 36 in doorway wish I had floor heat though and I am in ga