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    The toilet in my bathroom is in a closet I guess you would call it. There is a wall on both sides which made it impossible for me to reach the flush handle. I wear a leg bag so I can pull up to drain it but then can't reach over to flush. First I purchased a battery operated automatic flush unit like the ones in public restrooms but it was a pain to set up and didn't work well. The solution we found was simple with this foot flush unit. We mounted it to the side wall (with a drill and a couple of small zipits) where I can easily reach it and use my had to push the pedal which flushes the toilet.

    Hope this helps someone else...

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    Neat idea! I adapted my flush handle by adding parachute cord (very durable, and comes in nice colors!) and drawing it behind tank, attaching to point where I could reach it from sitting position without much effort, pulling down to flush.