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Whadda ya think a concrete ramp for this will cost?

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    Jgnl has good point. I was wondering the same thing.
    How often would you use the front door as an entrance? Maybe it could be done later and first spend the funds to make entrance from garage accessible.


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      Originally posted by Andy View Post
      I've been kicking around a weekend home idea. Buy something much like this and adapt it. The front door has a couple steps involved, so that would have to go.

      Any experiences/costs with having a walkway ripped out and a graded concrete walk installed in its place that you could share?
      also have to look at what kind of ramp from the garage into the house on the inside, might be a headache there
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        I get it. I spent all of 1982 waking up to seals ad sea lions barking down on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey complements of the US Army. There are a few reasonable places in Seaside CA near where Ft Ord used to be but lots of rehab needed. The Presidio is now a closed post sadly.

        Anyplace you look where you keep your current house rented remember this: the IRS considers a self managed rental a business while a managed property is an income producer complete with depreciation but the mortgage, taxes, repairs and management fees are write offs above the AGI line on your 1040.
        Indiana around a lake or university is livable the rest is Bible belt with Decatur's weather. Maybe start looking at accessible stay places to test drive general areas during vacations? We love this place but winters are for warm destination vacations.
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