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New bathroom with trench drain

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    Wow this is a very beautiful looking bathroom. Do you mind sharing what the dimensions are for the entire bathroom?


      Do you use a commode chair or bench to take a shower, Emi?


        Very Nice!
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          Look's great! Your husband must be very handy!


            Sorry for the delay in reply....don't come to CC much anymore.

            The bathroom dimensions are 7ftx10ft.

            I use a commode chair to shower in.

            And yes, my hubby is very handy. Still loving the bathroom...though we just finished a months long struggle to figure out why the toilet was leaking.... it was due to the sloped floor making the toilet unlevel so the wax seal wasn't sealing. Fixed by shimming up the toilet
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              Couple of questions: Is the only drain the trench drain by the door? Does the TP on the roll stay dry?

              We're building a master bath ourselves with a zero lip shower and separate soaking tub.

              When we used to live in Mexico we really liked the "wet room" no shower door concept but we don't have quite enough room for the shower & a tub and a splash wall to contain the shower water... which you've successfully completely done away with. I like it without, but am just worried about wet TP!!!