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    Any other suggestions......

    I am wondering if there is anything that I can do to my home to make it more handicap accessible......

    Here is what i have so far...

    My home is three bedroom and three baths. It has only one small hall for me to go down actually I don’t consider it a hall. It is only about 3 feet long so its not hard to get through. All the doors in the home are 3 foot wide. I love to garden and therefore my family had be six raised gardens fixed they are approx. 3 foot high and 2 foot wide made from landscaping timber. Surrounding the garden beds is a nice wooden or cement walk way to make my rolling easier along with a water and water hose at the edge of the garden. I have a huge cement parking area and a cement walk way that goes from the carport in the back all the way up on the front porch of the house. We have a cement patio with a cement ramp going from the back door of the carport onto the patio and a cement ramp going from the patio out into the yard going to my sisters home. I have three dogs that I take out so my family added a wooden fence around the patio area so I will have them contained and I don’t have to worry about them running off. All of the electrical sockets throughout the entire house are about 3 foot off the floor so I don’t have to bend over to plug anything in.

    My bathroom that I recently built onto my bedroom is wonderful. We have two bathrooms and both were very hard for me to use due to their size. So i had a large bathroom built on to my bedroom. It is 16 ft by 16 has a pedestal sink so i can get all the way up to it without my legs or my chair hitting it. I have a vanity that is simply a very pretty piece of wood that is mounted to the wall with a large mirror hanging on the wall behind it. It is mounted so that i can wheel up under it and be able to reach everything. My toilet is up against a wall and another wall as built beside it so i have a stall with grab bars on call sides to assist me with transferring. Above the toilet I have selves built within my reach that holds my wipes, pads, etc that i might need while on the toilet.... I have a roll in shower with two shower heads one is attached to the wall and the other is removable....the shower has grab bars on all the sides and i a shower bench in it. I was having problems with the little lip on the shower floor so i had a rap built so it is a smooth roll up to the bench. I also have a Jacuzzi next to the shower with built up sides that are even with my wheelchair so I can transfer into the Jacuzzi tub without a problem. I have cedar wood walls and ceiling and tile floor for easy cleanup…..I have two doors one coming from my bedroom into the shower and then a second door going out into the carport that I use if my wheelchair gets dirty from my gardening or if I have those accidents that sometimes occur being disabled.

    Sounds pretty good so far, Elizabeth. Can you get back out of your jacuzzi without a ton of help? When we moved here I really wanted a jacuzzi along with a roll in shower. I needed a lift though both for getting in and out. With my husband and I both getting older we added a track ceiling lift that can get me out and into bed to either my wheelchair or showerchair and can now get me all the way to the jacuzzi and back.

    In a year or so we plan on a much less extensive kitchen renovation. Have you done anything there yet? I'm ready for ideas. He needs the stove exhaust raised and I need the microwave lowered but past that we're still working on.
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      Hey Sue,

      Yes I can get out of my jacuzzi on my on because of the way it was put in. Ill have to take some pics when i get a chance so you can see how it is done. The kitchen is very good also. We have a range that is electric and built into the counter top kinda like a sink. With the range done this way i can roll up as close as i need to be with out burning my legs on the front of the oven. As far as the oven it is built into a cabinet with a larger one on top and a smaller one beneath it and i can reach both of them without a problem. We have a small uitility room attached to the kitchen that we keep the washer and dryer in so i can use them both are load from the front so it is easy for me to use. As far as the microwave goes we purchased several shelves from lowes that you can adjust the height on we use those to have the toaster on the microwave, bowels, and other items on that are at my level.


        It looks like you already focused on the most important areas. I guess you should ask yourself is there anything around the house that is difficult to do? If the answer is "no" then save your pennies. The one thing you didn't mention are the floors. I'm not a fan of carpet so my first floor is either hardwood or tile and the second floor is the thinner carpet with little padding. I also prefer the lever handles on doors as oppose to the round knobs. What about the kitchen sink itself? Can you just roll underneath or do you have to be sideways?