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Frank Lloyd Wright accessible home

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    Frank Lloyd Wright accessible home

    Frank Lloyd Wright was a wonderful architect, and designed several homes near where my father (SCI - para) lives.

    I had no idea until recently that Frank Lloyd Wright built a wheelchair accessible home more then 60 years ago in Illinois. It is a great story. A soldier who was injured in WWII (SCI - paraplegic) wrote to Wright in the 1940's, and asked him to design a house that was wheelchair accessible, and affordable. The soldier was married, newly paralyzed, and of modest means.

    Wright agreed! In many ways, his architectural style translated to accessibility perfectly. He built the house in 1949. Originally, it was going to be in the suburbs, but I believe Wright asked to move it to an area with more land/natural beauty. Wright understood the need for wider spaces/doorways, accessible fixtures, and beauty/windows that are best appreciated from the seated position. It is a lovely, lovely house. The couple lived in it for more then 60 years, and only moved recently because he needed assisted living.

    I joked with my father that we should buy the house! Shockingly, it didn't get any takers when it went up for sale, even though it is essentially a museum and the price was not outrageous. It was eventually bought by a Preservation Society for a lower price. Perhaps that was most appropriate.

    Here is a link to some pictures. Many of the pieces of furniture were also designed/built by Wright, and were all maintained perfectly. Wright is famous for sleek lines, wood wood wood, low details (he was apparently quite short himself - so a better perspective point for those of us in chairs).

    thanks for posting this! so cooool! Too bad someone can't use it though! so hip but it is great to be used for education purposes of inclusive design!
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      Honestly, I am also disappointed that there isn't someone living there. It should be used, by someone who appreciates it as much as the WWII soldier that lived there for 60 years.

      It's like a Stradivarius violin sitting on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tragic. It should be played....

      Frank Lloyd Wright was so ahead of his time with this house.


        Weltzheimer/Johnson House

        There's a Frank Lloyd Wright home about 1000 feet east of where I live. It's the Weltzheimer/Johnson House in Oberlin, Ohio on Morgan Street. I pass it everyday when I drive to and from work.

        image credit:
        File: Frank Lloyd Wright Weltzheimer Johnson House.jpg, 2012.

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          I love these homes. The accessible one is especially interesting considering it's build date. Too bad you don't see homes like this level homes just take up too much space in developments. The ones I have seen that are similar, are way too big and way too much money.

          Ti---do you know the people that live there? I'd probably have to stop and just stare at it....better than risking an accident. Yup, I would totally creep on this house. One of similar design went up for sale down the road from us (not FLW). Very difficult to get from the garage to the house in a chair though. (Garage up high and away from the house near the road, steps down steep hill to house overlooking the Mississippi.)


            Wow. The interior pictures are incredible of the FLW house. The outside of the ti house also looks great.


              Interesting set up


                I'm a big FLW fan and I've never seen that home before... awesome, thanks for the post! Love the long wall of windows