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Kitchen remodel pics

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    Kitchen remodel pics

    Completed my kitchen remodel after 4 months -whew!

    Key features:
    - French door fridge
    - Roll under sinks and cooktop
    - Toe kicks (don't really need these)
    - Front loading washer / dryer
    - Kraftmaid passport pull out cabinets
    - side mounted faucet
    - Also, switched to a tankless water heater.

    More pics


      Nice remodel. Enjoy your new space!!!

      All the best,


        Nice !


          love the tall vertical pull out! great job, beautiful kitchen! now tell us what you cooked last )
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            I am so jealous of people with wheel under stove tops! Someday ... lol.

            Very modern and clean looking - love the orange as it's bold! Beautiful! Hope it's perfect for your needs (and protect your feet on that hard footrest - no bare feet or you'll end up with wounds!)
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              That's really nice remodeling
              I like it
              very pretty kitchen


                I want your kitchen! Is your house knew or did you retro-fit the kitchen? Either way it is beautiful.

                Is that a convection oven? When you pull out your food from the oven where do you place it? I don't see a countertop or nearby shelf.

                The pipes for the sink--are they located off to the side?


                  @peegy: It's an old house (1955) - the kitchen took a long time because we merged it with an adjoining breakfast nook / room.

                  Hm, I haven't used the oven myself yet (we just finished last week). I have a lap cushion - maybe I will use that with the microwave / oven.

                  Pipes for the sink are actually behind, but there is a removable board, which hides them.


                    Removable board--clever!


                      very nice


                        What would you do over?

                        Remodeling is a headache. Building a new home is up near suicide!

                        Nice job!

                        Nice detailed work and craftsmanship.

                        Nice combo of black granite counter top and grey back splash.

                        Saw this string. I'll comment another time. Meanwhile ...

                        Now that your kitchen is done. If you had to do it all over again what would you do different?

                        I just built a new home. Moved in and in the process of unpacking everything.

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                          your kitchen looks awesome!!!!
                          we just built a house and I have a lot of things I would do again. We needed the new house because of the new me. I didn't know much about what I actually needed.

                          The high toe kicks we did under the sinks honestly wasn't worth it I don't get any closer. I wish I would have made the sink like yours but our "custom" builder didn't know what to do if anything was different than normal.


                            I really love the design and the light. There is only one thing I might change and that is your microwave and oven. I'd move the oven next to the microwave and have a pull out board under each to have safer transfers of hot dishes to a lap tray. You could still have storage above and below each. Oh, and the oven would be hinged on the side.

                            We have a few small projects still to do before we hit the kitchen. I love your back splsh and I am thinking of using the same type of horizontal tile but in glass varying from white to deep orange because our kitchen is at the opposite end of the condo's greatroom from all the windows that overlook the lake. I need things that will reflect light but with cherry woodwork everywhere and darker paint white cabinets are out and so is this fugly granite that is a dark gray, green cast with blooms of deep ink all over. I want light quartz or a lighter marble. Sort of the reverse contrast you have. Your color scheme except for the orange was much like we put in our last house with some glass front uppers holding cobalt blue Fiestaware for contrast. Are those Kitchainaid cabinets? Love the slide outs!
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