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New house: need ramp

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    New house: need ramp

    I have just started renting a new house. The steps going to the house are concrete. How can I build a ramp and properly attach it?

    If I build a ramp out of wood does anyone know any good plans on how to build one? If I buy a ramp does anyone know any cheap but good ramps that I could buy?

    Please help I am currently having to have someone pull me up and down my steps!!
    I have AVM(artery vein malformation), some leg weakness, use wheelchair some of the time.

    How many steps? What is the total rise you need to manage (in inches)? What are you ramping from (straight side walk, side of the house, etc.) and to (doorway, porch, etc.). Do you need to be able to push up the ramp independently in a manual chair? If so, you should stick to the ADA standards, which is 1" of rise = 1 foot of ramp. Sometimes a switch-back is needed if you have limited space.

    You can have a ramp constructed out of wood, or purchase pre-fab metal ramps. The latter are nice if you don't plan to stay long and want something you can take with you when you move, but they are not cheap.

    Be sure you have a non-slip surface, a lip on the edges of the ramp (and handrails, ideally) included in any design.

    Good resource sites for more information:

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      Congratulations on moving into your place. Here are a couple of sites that can give you some times and plans on building ramps.

      Hopefully you have enough room to allow for the building code ratio of 12 inches of vertical height to 1 foot of travel. You should check with you local building department to see if a permit is required.

      I think whether you build one of wood or buy aluminum ramps, you are going to be looking at a push in cost, especially if you are paying labor for someone to build the ramp for you. Wood and fastening materials are not inexpensive. Build to suit wooden ramps will need to have some kind on non-skid surface applied to the "deck" boards and you will need to paint, stain, varnish, seal the wood and you will have maintenance on the structure from time to time. The aluminum ramps (there are companies who make modular systems that are not portable/folding ramps) stand up to weathering and come ready to install and use.

      Some sites for aluminum ramps:

      All the best,
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        Wood Ramp Design

        Here's a pdf version of Wood Ramp Design, How to add a Ramp that Looks Good and Works Too by The Center For Universal Design NC State University College of Design.


        Credits: The Center For Universal Design NC State University College of Design, Wood Ramp Design, How to add a Ramp that Looks Good and Works Too, 2004.
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          New house: need ramp

          The first thing you MUST do is request reasonable accommodation from the landlord. Depending on what you are proposing in your request; i.e., temporary or permanent, will depend on what they require; i.e., leaving it or remaval and restoration to the original condition.


            It is good to heard to move in new house......for ramp you need to analyze accessibility and for this you can take expert advice as far as my concern it is Must for you.


              I have a folding aluminium ramp about 2 meter, it is very light and I use to have it in the car. It is useful if you one have two are three steps into your house. To build a ramp, wouldn't that be forbidden if you only rent the house?
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