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    I've been a C5-7 complete quad since May 12, 1956. I was a member of the group that organized a chapter of the National Paraplegia Foundation in Milwaukee, WI in 1959. I met Dr. Young a long time ago. Anyway, I designed and built my first home in a suburb of Milwaukee in 1959. It was chosen for the cover feature of the one and only supplement titled Wheelchair Houses published by Paraplegia News in 1962. The second home I deigned and built was in St. Petersburg, FL. My current home was built in 1978. It was designed by a builder who was also an architect. The traffic pattern was perfect. The only thing I needed to modify was the Master Bathroom. I used to have a website on AOL where I had a page for some plans as examples of my work. In 2001 I designed a home for a family in Font Royal, VA. I never met the family but there are pictures posted here. I collaborated with an architect who has a book of plans. His website is here. In June, 2008 Ultimate Home Design magazine published an article I wrote titled "Is There An Optimum Approach To Incorporate Universal Design Principles When Designing A Home?" I have redesigned proposed plans or builder models to achieve what I call Life Span Design which is a plan that establishes a prescriptive set of features that are derived from the application of Universal Design Principles. My contact information is on the cover of my example portfolio.

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    Wally, you are posting interesting information. However I would like to warn people to be careful about opening documents from the web if you don't have a good anti-virus program, especially microsoft word documents. I have converted the word files to PDF format and they are attached to this post.


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      The best thing in the Milwaukee house is the open living/dining area. We just bought a condo that has that with the kitchen too. It is broken up on one end by the bar that I can easily move around in the kitchen and on one side of the 'greatroom' with two columns surrounded by a raised oval of marble. This is actually the supporting beams inside the columns and the surround area I can also manuveur around and put drinks or plates on for when we entertain.
      The best part for me, having grown up in ranch style homes are the two halls off the greatroom. One leads to the entrance to the familoy room then to the master suite that we will tweak just a bit. The second hall, closer to the kitchen area leads down to a full bath with a door to the hall. The guestroom next has access to it by a pocket door. This is perfect if my still very independent Dad ever needs more care. There is a third bedroom/office on that hall for any live in or overnight aides for either of us. And yes, the spousal unit gets what he wanted in retirement--a dock, slip and maybe next summer a pontoon boat. This 4 story condo is 10 years old but much of it was built with Aging In Place ideas in mind. I truly love halls that are nice and wide and all the open space. The only thing I would change is the width of the doors leading to the terrace. An extra 2 inches after drinks while watching the sunset is always welcome.
      Great ideas and designs Wally! Especially for the build in 1959 the open space and flooring is genius.
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