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What are my best lift options for my house?

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  • What are my best lift options for my house?

    I don't have room for a long ramp, what are my best lift options for my house? I found residential lifts for houses, but they are so expensive. I'm hoping to spend no more than $800.

    We built a platform for me to enter the house from the garage. It is 18 inches high

    I attached pics of the platform

    Please help with any ideas! We are stuck

    Would a counterweight lift work? Since I only need to be lifted up 18 inches, this idea seems easy and kind of economical. I just don't know where to begin how to make one.

    I was also thinking about buying a used van lift for about $500 and anchoring it into the concrete and attaching it to the platform. I just feel I would have more problems with this route.


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    I know there have been a few posts on this subject on this site. I just can't put my hands on one or two that I remember seeing. You might try searching this website in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page. Try "wheelchair lift garage" or "wheelchair lift house." I think you might find some information about what others have done.

    All the best,


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      Thanks GJ, I'll search around

      Does anyone have anymore ideas?



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        We bought a used van lift off craigslist for $250.00 and made a sturdy platform/porch and attached the lift to the frame of the porch to lift me the 45" into the house.
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          I have a lot of experiance with lifts and elevators. For the money you are looking to spend, I would reccommend using a Ramp. Here are a couple of things to consider:
          Lift manufacturers spend a lot of time and money in design making sure their lifts are safe. Building something that not only works, but is also safe and reliable will cost you way more than $800. you will also need to consider who will fix it if you build somethign yourself, as things like this always break at inconvenient times...(murphey's law!)
          Elevator and lift companies will not work on home made stuff most of the time due to legal and insuranace liabilities. Therefore, you could spend alot of time and money trying to make something that isn't worth anything at the end of the day.
          If you need to invest in a porch lift, i would reccommend to research either Harmar Summitt lifts (for low rise) or Precision Lift Industries for rise above 8' 0".
          ( ) Precision Lift Industries is by far the best lift on the Market in regard to speed, ride quality and corrosion resistant properties.
          Best of Luck!