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    made the mistake of not using an architect and learn..

    in the process of finishing an accessible home for my son you is injured C5/C6 with accessible sink, counter space and stove hand and finger control

    from experience what is the best height for sink and counter tops?
    from experience does the height of the kick plate make a big difference 4.5 or 9 inches?

    from experience are the upper cabinets even accessible with pull down shelves or should we leave them standard for future home owners?

    any creative ideas for storage ..small closets and limited wall space?

    entered into this project without the time and expertise we should have had so looking to regroup before to late.....thanks in advance

    i redid my kitchen and left regular counter height but have an accessible sink cabinet so i can roll under(even works with my permobil power chair). if i would have put it at "accessible" height, i wouldn't be able to roll under the front. left wall cabinets at regular height and just use lower cabinets for storage and put in pantry cabinet. "accessible" cabinets are really pricey and the extra kickplate takes away lower space that i can actually use, plus those are usually the lower counter height too, which takes away even more useable space.


      I would suggest that you do some research on the internet using these two search criteria:
      "Universal Design" +kitchen
      "Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen"
      I know you are looking for practical advice and what has worked for people who have remodeled a kitchen for wheelchair use, but since you are not using an architect, you will find specifications, equipment suggestion, and other information that you can use throughout the process of building this house like door widths, hall widths, turning radius, bathroom measurements, etc.

      If you search on this website, you will find pictures that members have posted of kitchens and bathrooms that have been built or remodeled to accommodate family members who use wheelchairs.

      All the best,