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Crayzee ideas It is ok to have Dreams !!!

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    Crayzee ideas It is ok to have Dreams !!!

    Being a incompl quad has drawbacks
    I wish I knew a contractor or someone here who knows about the carpenter stuff ...

    First of all because of my ailment SCI problem I have custom nubbies on my rigid manual wheelchair Rear Rims so that adds 4 inches or more to the width
    Now to the Nitty Gritty ......

    I am currently checking out Modular homes my friend bought a lovely one for a heartbeat ... She inspired me . I can fit in hers no problems ...

    Things are challenging but I would love to buy a demo model or something of that nature .
    Ok I love modifying things for practicality etc ...
    As long as it has 2 nice size bedrooms and 2 bathrooms / a decent size kitchen and comfy living room this is what i'll plan on doing to it .

    I've been thinking of totally gutting out the kitchen and then making all of my cabinets 1 ft lower than usual also probably leave off cabinet doors to make accesability more convienent .

    The Living room is realy kool because I got this idea from my asian friend she has a low low center table that you kneel to have tea and such . I love getting on my butt on the floor it is great excercise for my body anyways .

    Being I really love French Doors these are great for ppl in wheelchairs

    The Rear probably can be nice Sliding glass ones . . Low threshhold strip to allow me in / out easily .

    I would have my friend help me build Wheelchair ramp and front porch are so important to me to relax and read . I forgot the gradient angles per foot but We would make the ramp very long and lenthwise .

    I am just excited thinking about this

    Right now I am slowly looking at places and prospecting .
    It is good to have a dream

    I'll post more about this concept when I get my widths of all my wheelchairs
    That will make thing's easier .

    Any advice is appreciated
    Thank you

    Try a websearch for Shamrock Homes, they build some really accessible manufactured homes with wide doorways, dropped kitchen cabinets, accessible kitchen sinks, ovens, roll under rangetops, roll-in-showers, etc. They are very accommodating and nice quality.


      Good luck with this Gypsy Lady. I have sliding doors out to my balcony and they present no problem for the wheelchair to get over. It is about six inches down to the balcony so I have a little wooden ramp a friend made with a non-slip surface. I would LOVE to have lowered cabinets, as very few of mine can be used so most of my stuff ends up jammed in the ones I can.


        The most amazing modular homes in the U.S. come from this place:


          Hi Everyone
          I really appreciate your ideas and stuff to look at

          So I told my B/F about my housing idea and we will look into things when ever we can .
          I feel it is time in my life to just totally settle down in one location and make the best of thing's .

          To me I look at everything and have to balance things out / living within my means .

          Houses are one of those investments that is not like buying a car you just cant trade a house in . lol Where as a let's say a 4 dr wagon for a 2 door masserreti .

          This is one serious decision that really means so much to me .

          Thank you all ;


            Hi Gang ;

            I been doing alot of classifieds reading and such regarding builders and etc ....

            Good news is so far came across at least 4 diff mfgs that are ADA compliant .
            In 78 I dont think these things existed

            Maybe tomorrow I can make a few phone calls and take it one step at a time

            Personally I love open floor where there is no barrier walls per say
            ************************************************** ****************

            ************************************************** ****************
            One of my last MB homes I had carpenter friends knock out a Non structural weight bearing wall that separated the kitchen from the living room . But Added proper support under the skirt to the frame to be very strong .

            Also I remember the old friends Son reframing both entry doors to nicer wider ones I bought at homedepo . They sell kool stuff ..

            My other friend who welds made my Front entrance ramp it was really great he used some super strong grated metal he had left overs from .

            Being I dont expect handouts I paid my friends and it was really amazing how simple things like respect and kindness go very far . They were so nice . I made it worth their valueable time .

            back then in less than 3 day's they did so much . I love cooking and we all had great lunch and fun .

            As Life goes on later I moved eventually

            I just figured it would be nice to share .

            Thank you


              Good Sunday morning Friends

              During my travels this past week i've looked at more homes
              Right now I spoke to my lil brother he knows lots about these things ( mob Homes ) and he will try to help me soon try to possibly find a newer home
              I told him I like my Texas land acreage and he asked me if he can move on a corner lot if I get some land and a Mob Home
              I told him yes more than happy because he is my lil brother , my only brother left and I would like to help make things easier for his lovely family

              I am interested in my country acreage because I am a country Gal

              What a nice conversation

              You all Have a pleasent sunday