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Toilet bowl condensation fix needed

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    Googling "Toilet Condensation" brings up dozens of sites with ideas. This one is just an example of what you will find.



      I know at least with my house there is a hot water line tied in to all the toilets to keep this very thing from happening. I was told by a plumber its very common to do this.
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        I'm wondering if it could simply be a lack of caulk or a slice of insulation <under> the bowl (picking up the coldness from the floor or subfloor)?


          If you simply don't use your toilet then the water in the tank will always be at room temperature.

          Problem solved.


            Will a de-humidifier help with moisture all over the house or do I have to buy one for every room? My house back in NC sits under a big tree and thus alot of moisture gathers. I am replacing the carpet and have some mold down below where the dirt crawl space is.

            Will a dehumidifier help keep my carpets/everything else from staying moist upstairs?

            Yep I am a dumb female.... However I am getting ready to move back there since I own the house and no payments....
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              You should be able to buy an insulated tank for your toilet, trying to insulate one you have will only work if you manage to get a complete and total seal between the insualtion and the tank. Insulated tank should cost about $70.00- if not available for your toilet, may have to buy complete new toilet/tank.
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                The easiest way it to increase the ventelation in the room. Simple solution is to run a fan even a small one and have it directed at the toilet.


                  If you have this problem in more then one room you may want to find an old water heater less the electric and use it as a tempering tank. Have the main water supply feed into this first and this will stop condensation. We did this for years with well systems.