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    Help with housing

    He guys. Im Nick. Im a new user on this forum. I am planning on getting married and wondering if there are any resourses on getting help with funding building or getting a house? Right now in still living next to my parents and it wont be big enough. Thank you
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    welcome to care cure. I have no advice about housing, but congratulations!
    how about first home buyers association. There are others here who have bought houses, and had some funding for adapting them to be accessable, I am not sure how that works though. contact the spinal cord association in your state. I think it is great that you still ride.


      There is the Homebuyer's Tax Credit that offers up to $8K. There's the "Cash for Caulkers" program that can add even more and in some states and municipalities, there's are additional cash incentives to buy. Some are grants as above, some are "quiet" second mortgages. Some programs forgive those after a certain residency period. By combining these programs, I've seen deals where the buyer has walked away with as much as $12K in grants and credits.

      If you need to do mods, the FHA 201K loan is designed for that. It was a rarely used instrument in my market until most recently. This loan will allow you to borrow beyond the price of the home so that you have $$$ for mods and repairs.

      I suggest you find 3 people in your area that you can trust: a good finance person; a really good Realtor and contact your local CIL. They should have a handle on the programs available in your region. Google is a good resource too and of course, you can directly contact regional governmental departments to find the funding programs in your area.

      Good luck and welcome to Care Cure.
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        If you live near a Habitat for Humanity project, and qualify, they will adapt the home built for you to make it accessible...otherwise their houses are NOT accessible.

        You may qualify for Section 8 housing for rental, depending on the waiting list in your area. In my area the waiting list is up to 5 years.

        Just keep in mind that if you get married your spouse's income may impact your qualifying for any of these programs, as well as for SSI or Medicaid. Do you have a plan for going to work so that you will be able to get regular health insurance as well?

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