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Actor, ex-cop take opposite sides on NJ stem cell issue

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    Actor, ex-cop take opposite sides on NJ stem cell issue

    Actor, ex-cop take opposite sides on NJ stem cell issue

    Home News Tribune Online 11/5/07


    TRENTON: An actor suffering from
    Parkinson's and a paralyzed New York City police
    officer are running ads on New Jersey's stem cell
    research ballot question, but they're not on the same
    side of the emotional debate playing out in the
    Garden State.

    Actor Michael J. Fox is asking New Jersey voters
    to support borrowing $450 million for stem cell
    research in Tuesday's election.

    Former police officer Steve McDonald is asking
    voters to reject it.

    Fox's ads are funded by the political action
    committee New Jersey for Hope, which received
    $150,000 to run ads promoting the question's passage
    from multimillionaire Democratic Gov. Jon S. Corzine.

    Fox suffers from Parkinson's Disease, an
    incurable, degenerative disorder of the central
    nervous system.

    It's not his first foray into the politics
    surrounding stem cell research. He appeared in
    television ads in at least three 2006 Congressional
    races promoting the research. In those ads, Fox
    swayed uncontrollably, exhibiting symptoms of his

    Fox has two spots running. In one, he notes how
    President Bush restricted federal funding for
    embryonic stem research.


    Well that must be nice to have all those benefits from NYPD... just because McDonald gets paid to do all his speeches must be nice to have all that funding. If they find a repair using those stem cells Stephen McDonald can stay in his wheelchair no need for him using them. More funding the better chance of getting out of this situation.