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We know how many LIVE with SCI but

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    We know how many LIVE with SCI but

    do we know how many people die each year from SCI and other conditions that stem cells could potentially save?

    It's probably not a new idea but do we provide the gatekeepers with both figures?

    Just a thought.

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    The only stat I have is that 30 people are SCI'ed each day. They represent the 40% of SCIs that survive the first 24 hours of injury. That means that 60% or 50 people more did not survive the first 24 hours of injury. I cannot find the attribution at this moment. I'll dig for that if you want it.
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      Here is some info on Life Expectancy and other depressing statistics about SCI. This info is current as of 2006.

      As to how many die each year, well, I doubt if you can extrapolate that from any existing database. On the bright side, SCI individuals are living longer and fuller lives in First World countries. The stats in Third World countries, though not available here, are likely to be dismal.

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