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EuroStemCell public outreach film "A Stem Cell Story"

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    EuroStemCell public outreach film "A Stem Cell Story"

    A Stem Cell Story

    EuroStemCell public outreach film

    This film takes a fresh look at the world of stem cell research. A result of close collaboration between filmmakers and scientists, its innovative animation, extraordinary cell photography and documentary footage capture the fascination and complexity of stem cell science.

    A Stem Cell Story provides a short introduction to the biology of stem cells suitable for lay audiences aged 14 and upward. With a running time of 15 minutes, it’s ideal for classroom use, and has also been well received by patient groups and interested members of the public

    Order your copy now - IMPORTANT: DVDs will be shipped at the end of June.
    More on link above. Also;

    Stem cell film scoops award

    A FILM about stem cells by Edinburgh University scientists has scooped top prize at a European science media festival in Norway.

    Scientists working for EuroStemCell, a European stem cell research consortium, produced the short documentary, A Stem Cell Story, featuring animation by Edinburgh Art College graduate Cameron Duguid.
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