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Working 2 Walk - Any video of the symposium?

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  • Working 2 Walk - Any video of the symposium?

    Hi guys,

    Did anybody take a video at the W2W science symposium? If so, would you mind sharing? I'll pay shipping and costs involved in duplicating it.


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    Bruce Hanson had a video camera in his had almost everytime I saw him. Try to contact him. I don't know who was responsible for all of the other cameras on the Science day, though I suspect that it may have been the CRF.



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      I have some - I'll download it at some point (!!) and email the file - I'll have Chad do some mumbo jumbo computer magic to make it small enough to email. If not, I'll send on a CD to you. PM me to remind me ok ....
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        Ami, I'd like to see some of those also.

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