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Two recent advocacy projects...

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    Two recent advocacy projects...

    Over the past four and a half months I've been working relentlessly to finish writing my autobiography. My hope for the project is the raise awareness about SCIs, paralysis, quality of life & right to die issues. I hope it inspires readers to support research towards a cure. I'm currently working with an editor & hope to have it published in e-book format & available to buy (through iBooks & Nook) within the coming months. I'm relieved the writing part is finished & I'm one step closer to publication.

    My artwork and writing is also being featured in an upcoming exhibit/dinner event at Overlook Hospital (here in NJ). The dinner the open to the medical community. The goal of dinner is to open up a dialogue about patient's right and suffering. I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from the medical professionals that attend.

    If you're interested in reading more about either project, check out my two recent blog entries:



    Congratulations Chrissy on both your book (looking forward to its release and reading it) and congrats on your upcoming exhibit in October at the Schwartz Center Rounds Annual Dinner. You are doing some really great stuff!


      Congrats Chrissy,

      I've been messing with a book and you've just got past the hardest part. imo

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