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Raise money for SCI trials - there's an App for that!

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    Raise money for SCI trials - there's an App for that!

    well not quite....

    I was thinking the other night about how I could contribute to SCI trial / research funding and it occurred to me that I could write an iPhone App and donate the proceeds.

    There are three ways to earn money from apps (or a combination of the three)

    1. Sell the app
    2. Make the app free and sell in-app purchases
    3. Make the app free and advertise via iAds

    In my opinion the easiest way is option 3 and get everybody who downloads the app to read the adverts as they pop up, making anything between a couple of cents and a couple of dollars per advert clicked. By reading the adverts each of you would be making a donation to SCI trials without directly paying out (let's make the corporates pay!)

    I would be happy to put the app together but would need some ideas on what to do, and they must be within my capabilities (no 3d graphics!). Also apply the KIS (Keep It Simple) process to your ideas.

    Bike racer

    Let me know if you think this is a go'er and any ideas / opinions

    Ok, call me nuts, but how about a racing game with ads between each level? Difference is, if you wipe out on your motorcycle you break your neck instead of start the game over, then get treated to a long hospital stay/rehabilitation scene. Then you have to play a different game where you figure out how to do things differently, find employment, schedule everything around attendants, etc.

    (Mind you, I didn't say it would be a popular game!)
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      Great idea!
      I think people would pay 99 cents for it.
      An addicting game hmm...




          If you design something that is controversial it could blow up.


            I hadnt planned on anything controversial, or did you mean blow up in a good way?



              Blow up good, media attention