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Dave raises $53,000. For hans keirstead

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  • Dave raises $53,000. For hans keirstead

    January 2011
    The Fifty Three Thousand Dollar Man!

    This month Dave Millar presented a cheque for $53,000.00 to Dr Hans Keirstead of the
    Reeve-Irvine Research Centre, University of California to go towards his groundbreaking research into treatments for chronic spinal cord injury.
    Dave raised this colossal amount of money through the generosity of the public, friends and family who supported his 'Mighty Push' as he travelled 250 miles on his hand cycle down the South Island of New Zealand from Christ Church to Dunedin in April 2010.
    The Mighty Push however is not finished (only resting) as Dave is currently planning his next challenge which we are all sure will once again help raise awareness of this debilitating injury....possibly a Mighty Push in the New York area is on the cards!!
    For further information on the research currently being undertaken by Dr Keirstead please follow this web link;

    "It is through the support of people like yourself that scientists such as Dr Keirstead will be able to bring to an end to the devastation caused to families by spinal cord injury. I also hope that as donors you will also be reassured to see exactly where your money has gone. Thank you once again for your support and very best wishes for 2011."
    Dave Millar

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      Very Nice!
      My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.


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          Originally posted by macska View Post
          Very Nice!
          it is so nice that people our supporting our research !!