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Working 2 Walk 2010 - Phoenix

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    What a great conference! It was really nice to meet so many great people! My daughter Jess was glad she came and very lucky to win the flip video camera.


      Jessica was really cute. I gave her a lot of crap for being able to move around and get around so easy. I called her a big fat faker. She got a kick out of that. Have her e-mail me your phone number and e-mail address so I can keep in touch. I look forward to hanging out sometime. It blew me away that Ashley was six months pregnant. She's doing so well. The last time I saw her she was 16 and I guess I was a pretty newbie myself. It's too bad we can't do this a few times a year.. It'll be great to get us all together once in a while just to hang out.
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        Originally posted by kate View Post
        I'll be doing the live blog, at the very least ~
        Where is your live blog - always a great read


          Hi soimumireland;

          The Live Blog is in this thread, which is now "stuck" atop the Cure Forum.

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