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SCINetUSA Website Launch!

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    SCINetUSA Website Launch!

 Website Launched

    Interested in the latest information on the U.S. clinical trials for chronic spinal cord injuries? Have questions about the proposed treatments? Check out the newly launched website. Updates will be posted as soon as they become available.

    To begin the clinical trials as soon as possible, your support is needed. Funds donated through SCINetUSA are designated to support the clinical trial network and are tax-deductible.

    Help the campaign raise funds to support SCINetUSA

    "We can't wait for a millionaire," exclaimed the mother of a spinal cord injured young man. "So we will ask a million people for 'just a dollar please.' And so the JustADollarPlease idea was born!

    You will soon receive an email for the campaign. We ask you to make your donation and then forward the email to everyone you know, and ask them to forward it to everyone they know... etc.
    Whether $1, a dollar month, a dollar a week, or a dollar a day, every dollar brings us a day closer! Join the 'Dollar A Day Support Squad' for special bulletins!

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    Looks great Jim. Just what I was waiting for. I have two charities that I want to put in the church bulletin-this one and Camp Odayin (heart camp for my daughter). Do you have a phone number or address that people can call/send donations? Not everyone is on the Internet here. Thanks.



      Okay-I just looked at the website again and saw phone numbers and an address at the bottom. Is that what I should use? Sorry about the head fog this morning.


        Thanks momo3,

        Checks can be made out to: JustADollarPlease or SCINetUSA
        Mailing address:
        Spinal Cord Injury Network USA
        604 Allison Road D-251
        Piscataway, NJ 08854

        Any other questions, let me know.



          I sent out an eNewsletter today about this. We will be doing this periodically with updates. If you want to be on the list email your name & address-