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Remember POW bracelets?

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    Remember POW bracelets?

    If you're old enough, (like me [img]/forum/images/smilies/eek.gif[/img]) you must remember those POW bracelets we wore during the Vietnam War. I bought one in '70 or '71, and, according to the plan, wore it until "my" POW was released and sent home (almost two years). I recently found his email address and contacted him to send the bracelet, which I still have, back to him. I found a web site which gave the history of the bracelets while searching for his email addy.(
    It says they raised $10 million dollars selling those bracelets! And that got me wondering...
    Now, this is a potentially stupid idea, but wouldn't it be great if we could sell SCI bracelets, to be worn until there is a cure? Each bracelet could have the name of someone with a spinal injury, and the date of their injury. My friend thinks that there was much more emotion involved with bringing our men home from POW prisons that there is in curing SCI, and he's probably right. But wouldn't it be wonderful to generate that kind of emotion?
    I don't's just a thought...
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    SCI MOM, What a great idea! Just another thought, have our friends and family bid for them? More later...

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      I LOVE this idea!


        Great Idea....

        Can I pick the name on mine...?????

        hee hee