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    Originally posted by marycsm77 View Post
    Bruce, she passed away several years ago, you might want to take that one off your bucket list.
    then i'll replace her with amy adams, she was in julia and julia
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      Originally posted by marycsm77 View Post
      Funny WFE, just when you posted the pic yesterday I was eating a wasa! They are a good base for many different things as an alternative to bread. I wish I could get myself to eat fish for breakfast. I eat it, but I don't think I could that early in am. But good for you, looked good.
      But this fish is special made for having on a sandwich. We are eating one hot meal a day and then we eat sandwiches only. So we have a lot of things to put on. But since I am on diet, I try to only eat Wasa instead of bread and only things with a lot of protein on the top.
      LOL, I didn't eat it am, I never eat so early, I am sure it was at least 1 pm I am a night eater, it is 00.30 am now and I don't have plans to sleep yet and eat one more wasa with cheese and ham.
      TH 12, 43 years post


        Hi jody
        that fest sounds like a really kool event
        It would be alot of fun


          We'll Today I splurged
          2 sunnyside up eggs , 4 strips of bacon on a sandwich breads were 2 slices of grain I toasted it

          hit the spot