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Herbal Treatment Effective for Recurring UTI's

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    Herbal Treatment Effective for Recurring UTI's

    Here's a site that sells the tea:

    It (forskalin) doesn't kill the E.coli bacteria (or perhaps other types of bacteria) but only flushes it out of its hiding places within the bladder to then be killed by antibiotics. And it hasn't been tested orally yet... only injected directly into the bladder and used intravenously.

    But if you have recurrent UTIs it sounds like it might be worth a try. I wish they'd finish the clinical trials before getting our hopes up but a little good news is better than none than I suppose. Good find Antiquity.

    Originally posted by Science Daily
    In the latest experiments, the researchers injected forskalin directly into the bladder or administered it intravenously. The herb appeared to expel more than 75 percent of the hiding E. coli. The researchers next will determine whether or not the herb is effective when mice receive it orally, since that is how it would be used in humans. The experiments also will combine the use of forskalin and antibiotics.
    And at the Agape Tea Company website that is linked, there is no mention of it being useful in bladder care. Only:

    Originally posted by Agape Tea Company
    Description: Also known as "Coleus Forskolii", the herb can be used for children's asthma. Powdered leaves are used in local application for headaches, and also used for coughs and fevers.
    Their prices seem reasonable enough but it doesn't say how much to use. Probably a quick Google could find that out. I'll look around later.

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      found the tea company through a cursory google search. they probably aren't even aware of the recent research so i'm not suprised that it's not mentioned in their description.