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calories, fat, sugar or carbs?

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    calories, fat, sugar or carbs?


    I am:
    5' 8"
    170 lbs (down from 178 at my worst post-sci)
    incomplete quad

    I am in the process of trying to slim down (from a cosmetic standpoint) and get my weight below 160 lbs.

    I am just starting my exercise program so for the sake of simplicity, I'll leave that out of the equation for now and focus just on my food intake. I guess my normal activity level is pretty low - I don't push long distances in my chair (BAD rotator cuff) but I do walk on crutches for short distances each day. Being incomplete, I probably have a bit more muscle mass than the "chart" would list for a "normal" quad.

    I have reduced my daily calories to around 1200-1400. And slowly but surely, the weight has been dropping. I've got that principle down...

    My question is regarding the sources of these calories. Right now, I've got my calories from fat within (usually below) the recommended range - I would say it averages out to around 15-20%. My totals for carbs and sugar are also at or below the recommended values. So what I'm wondering is this:

    If I am about to have a meal and I'm contemplating between having... say... a bowl of Raisin Bran or a serving of peanuts, which is a better source of the calories I'm about to intake? both have roughly the same amount of calories. The peanuts have way more fat but they also have way more protien and way less sugar - less carbs too.

    That was just an example but you can see where I'm going with this. Anyone have any thoughts/opinnions/insight to share?

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    The peanuts have good omega 3 fats, the rasin bran has alot of good stuff in it too.

    If it was me I would rather eat the rasin bran because peanuts make me feel bloat as hell but thats just me.

    Its really up to what type of diet your on, if your on a low fat, but could care less about carbs/sugars (like me) then I would say f the peanuts.

    But if your on just a reduced fat/carbs/and sugars, its just up to you how much fat calories your already consumed.

    I just looked up peanuts:
    Calories in Peanuts, All Types, Dry-roasted

    Without Salt

    1oz is:
    Calories 166

    Calories from Fat 126

    % Daily Value*

    Total Fat 14.1g


    So fi your only intaking about 20% fat a day, then there goes all the fat you can eat that day, sounds pretty shitty to me hah
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      Congrats on losing weight. WTG!

      How balanced is your diet? Lots of fruits and veggies, especially fresh? What about dairy?

      It's more than just a meal at a time. Take a look at it over the course of a day, also over the course of a week. Do you keep a food diary? If you keep one for several days or even a week, it can help you see patterns in your eating. It can also help you see where you might want to reduce certain types of food in favor of others.

      You mentioned peanuts versus raisin bran. I'd pick raisin bran over the peanuts, all things being equal, given the milk and fiber with the cereal. I don't think peanuts when I think "meal."

      For a source of protein, I'd skip the peanuts and go lean. I bake fish or a chicken breast (boneless/skinless) or George Foreman grill a lean turkey burger patty. Keep the protein lean and check your serving size. A serving of lean protein is the size of a deck of playing cards.

      I'm with you on losing weight. I'm undoing the damage I did when I was on steroids and Lyrica. I ate the food given my increase in appetite associated with the meds, but what a nightmare. I'm thrilled to be off the meds, but have learned losing it takes so much longer than gaining it ever did.

      Keep up the good work on losing weight. **thumbs up** It's not easy, but the rewards are so worth it.


        Yeah that’s just the right question as to how balance is your diet? I would advice you to include everything in your diet which is natural and not processed and that should be taken moderately by planning it out on a weekly basis as there are numerous kinds of things which are not possible to take daily.

        Weight training will always be helpful to you but at the same time Yoga would be very beneficial to you in terms of loosing weight as there is an ‘Aasana’ called as ‘Kapal Bhati’ which should be practiced in your daily routine to keep away from obesity and various other diseases and health problems. You can get more info regarding this at:
        I hope you achieve what you are aiming for. ATB.