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    eww! Pre-sci my body couldn't even handle mcdonalds or burger king, I would lift 2 hours a day and if I ate burger king or mcdonalds the next day I felt so gross like I just drank lard and some small child was jacking me in the temples. My workouts were terriable.

    You could smell the McDonalds big mac sauce dripping from my pores. Guys would ask me if I had a bad night of drinking, but no it was a McDonalds hang over of suck.

    Now if I ate one of those w/sci and the fact that I can't do sit ups, I would go insane. Can't you guys taste it in your mouth all day, like the fatty fat cakes in the meal? Maybe its just me.

    But I don't crave fast food at all which is a good thing and I got myself out of the habbit of wanting pizza.

    But i'll eat a nice lean steak or chicken salad with fat free itialian dressing and it will keep me from wanting to shoot myself in the face afterwards.

    My dad got fat as hell by eating mcdonalds as well, he went up to 240lbs, he stopped eating mcdonalds and now he's 190. (he's a truck driver)

    Here ssome more rant....why do people look at just calories? for instance, a big mac is only 540 calories...but how many calories are from fat? Its like 240 fat calories, thats like taking down 2 candy bars, hell thats worse than 2 candly bars, they are only 100 calories from fat.

    You can burn off regular calories easily, you can do it just by sleeping or wheeling around or exercsing...try burning of 10 fat calories compared to burning off 10 non-fat calorie, its hard as hell.

    Pre-sci when I would run on the tread mill I would watch the non-fat calories burn off like crazy, and when you looked at how many fat calories you burn its was like 7.

    I'll eat tons of carbs, which have tons of calories but hardly any calroies from fat and it keeps me lean and mean. If I start eating foods high in calroies from fat I feel sluggish and I can feel myself getting fatter!

    So moral of the story, dont jus tlook at calries, look at FAT calories. They have the key word right in there, FAT. They should rename it to Fatty Fat Calories or perhaps there should be a fat warning under it. "You'll be a fatty fat cakes in no time if you keep this up, enjoy."
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      You can also start drinking a lot of tea. Emulate our Dr Young and drink Puerh tea from the mountainous province of Yunnan, China.


      Puerh tea will help you burn off those unwanted calories while cleansing your system and is renowned for its medicinal/tissue-healing properties.
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        Originally posted by Wise Young
        I find the chart relatively reassuring rather than frightening.

        A Mac #1 meal has 1130 calories, i.e. 540 calories (Big Mac) plus 380 calories (Medium Fries) and 210 calories (Medium Coke), a little greater than half of the average 2000 calory that a person is supposed to eat per day and only 65% of the daily saturated fats that one is suppose to eat. If one drinks a diet coke instead, it adds up to only 921 calories.

        In other words, I can eat a McDonald breakfast (Egg McMuffin, 300 Calories plus coffee), an Asian Chicken salad for lunch (300 Calories plus low Newan's creamy dressing 190 calories), a Big Mac with medium fries and diet and still eat less than 2000 calories per day.
        You're not too concerned about cholesterol or sodium in your diet, eh?

        No matter how you look at it, fried foods on processed bread covered in fatty condiments and loads of salt are NOT healthy. Not that one can't eat the occasional fast food meal and lead a long life, but overall, this stuff is crap and nobody should base their diet on it.



          What! McDonald's bad for you? When did this start? lol


            McDonald's and Nutritional Information, lol. There's nutrition in McD's? I really cant stand McD's, feel like passing out after eating that stuff. The only thing I really ate there were the crispy chicken sandwiches plain with no mayo. I kind of avoid that place unless I have no other choice now.

            Mr Coffee...youre right about the fat thing. Back when I actually cared about what I ate I ignored the calorie stuff and just looked at fat content under the assumption 'you are what you eat'. Unfortunately my previous diet of beer and salad keeps me very regular...which wouldnt work too well now, so it's downhill from here, lol. Still avoid McD's though.


              This site has actual photographs of the fast-food product versus the glossy depiction shown in advertising:

              Fast-food Ads versus Reality


                Originally posted by Van Quad
                This site has actual photographs of the fast-food product versus the glossy depiction shown in advertising:
                Fast-food Ads versus Reality
                That's hilarious, reminds me of Michael Douglas in "Falling Down"


                  Originally posted by alpentalic
                  That's hilarious, reminds me of Michael Douglas in "Falling Down"

                  Does this look familiar? LOL!

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                    Originally posted by Van Quad
                    This site has actual photographs of the fast-food product versus the glossy depiction shown in advertising
                    What? Are you saying that we can't trust advertising? Why that's, that's... unAmerican!