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Favourite Sweets (Candy)?

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    Salty licorice
    Chocolate (only Norwegian, Danish or Swiss)
    M&M with peanut
    Snowballs (?) says the dictonary
    TH 12, 43 years post



      An oriental confection, my very own Homemade Amazake. Made from rice and a mold injected grain incubated at 140 F., thereabouts. By varying the amt. of Koji (mold) and type of rice a plethora of types result. Then cinnamon, nut or pureed fruit goes in for something very special.
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        Reese's peanut butter cups. The perfect marriage of my two favorite flavors. I only have to see the bright orange packaging and I start drooling like Pavlov's dog.
        Bounty bars, and Belgian chocolate too!


          Chocolate. If it is not chocolate, it is not candy for me.

          Although I do make an exception fot Werther's Butterscotch, and the lemon and orange starbursts.
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            True story: My two friends and I wanted to start a business to keep us from getting into trouble now that all of our kids are in college. We also have causes we would like to fund if we ever make some real money, (guess what mine is?). We decided to find the perfect snack to bring to activities, sporting events, movies, parties, etc. Through trial and error we came up with a popcorn product that we think is pretty awesome. We have just started to market it, so it really isn't on the store shelves yet, but hopefully will be in the next few months. All in all it has been so much fun to take this from idea to actual product. It has a sweet but not heavy flavor, and is different from anything out there. We have been told that it is wonderful and addictive! We call it MmmmPop!

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              I like:

              Sour Patch Kids
              Reeses Pieces
              Root Beer Barells
              red licorice
              Jolly Ranchers


                DOTS are my main sweet vice. I can eat a whole movie-size box of them in ten minutes. I have a huge sweet tooth since my injury, I think the meds leave a sour taste in my mouth.

                On a somewhat related note, are there any good sugarfree or low-calorie sweets out there? Something sweetened with Splenda or Stevia? I love candy but it is making me fat!


                  Andes mints
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                    Originally posted by Zero
                    I think the meds leave a sour taste in my mouth.
                    dry mouth too.
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                      Keps, here is something I tried recently, and it's really really good. It's not 'candy' but definitely meets the tasty Sweet criteria...

                      So, thought you and Juke, in particular, might like this:

                      Meiji's uji-kintoki popsicle - shaved green tea ice with chewy sweet beans, with a creamy cap of sweetened condensed milk, within a soft frozen layer of creamy sherbet/sorbet. (70 cal. per popsicle)

                      (they do have their website on the package, but I can't find package)


                        Chick, it's probably a good thing but google searches don't bring up any sources for them. Look tasty and not bad nutritionally but I can and will have to do w/o.
                        "The world will not perish for want of wonders but for want of wonder."


                          I don't eat sweets on a usual basis but do like..

                          Maple Nut Goodies
                          Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies

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                            Dont eat sweets either.

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                              Woman From Europe - what's the obsession in Sweden with salty liquorice?
                              I have tried some, and it wasn't to my taste at all, yet I know it's very popular there.

                              Eileen - ewwww! I like peanuts and chocolate, but never together. This combination appears much more popular in the States than in the UK.
                              Oh wait, Snickers are popular here, though.

                              Sjean - lol, there used to be this really cheesy advert here for Werther's Originals. There was this song, really earnest sounding, which went "your Werther's are his Werther's too" (referring to an old guy with his grandson). I still sing that song.
                              I do like Werther's.

                              Chick, ooh, I've liked the few Meiji sweets I've had. I've never tried anything like this though. I'm gonna have to see if we have a store in Birmingham that stocks these (I've bought all my Japanese sweets and snacks over the internet so far, lol). Thanks!

                              Jeff - I love that name "Little Debbie". It's cute. We don't get their stuff here.

                              Shannon sent me a fabulous package recently, and in it was some chocolate. I haven't had great experiences with American chocolate so far, until I tried this. It was great! Delicious dark chocolate made in Portland.
                              I like the print on the bar too (hope it shows up on picture). Oops, the bar didn't come that shape - I broke some off and scoffed it.


                                Keps, So I guess my double fudge brownies with peanut butter chips wouldn't do much for you? My idea of heaven, only enhanced when warm and some vanilla ice cream is added to the top!! Sinful.......