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Crab legs

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    Crab legs

    Thinking of making these this weekend and can't really think of any good side items to serve with it. Red potatoes sound good, anybody have any awesome suggestions, please?

    Also, has anyone ever cooked them on the grill? Sounds good to me. What do you think?
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    Originally posted by Diamond:

    Red potatoes sound good, anybody have any awesome suggestions, please?
    NO! it doesnt sound good [img]/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

    Seafood and rice,or maybe pasta,but no potatos..NEVER A POTATO..

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      Here in Southern Massachusetts we have clam boils, that often include a varety of sea foods and sausages. You could do something similar, crab legs, those red potatoes, onions, sausages, cherico (pronounced "sherese") hot dogs, chopped garlic, pepper, and maybe whole carrots. You would put this in a pot and boil it till its done. I am assuming they are the large crab legs with the shell still on. Instead of crab legs, you are actually are "supposed" to use steamers or soft shell clams, I was thinking the crab legs would be really good that way. Also you do not have to use Cherico if it is not available in your area, as it is a distinctly Portugese thing. We have a large population of Portugese in this area, thats why we have the Chirico.

      Just be prepared to have bibs for everyone.Do not embibe in too much of the juice left over if you use clams, or you will be very sorry.
      We usually do a big pot of this in the summer outside on the fourth of July, Memorial day, or Labor day. Its really yummy and a fun way to feed a group of friends or family.
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        Originally posted by Diamond:

        anybody have any awesome suggestions, please?
        Fetuccini with basil and oregano and a light cream sauce with broccoli florets. Add Bourgelese. If you can't afford wine, substitute beer. [img]/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif[/img]